6 august 2021 - 19th september 2021

Kazan, Gallery of Modern Art of the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan


The scarier the world becomes (what is happening
now), the more abstract art becomes.
- Paul Klee

Modern culture nowadays is a mine that is producing allusions and myths on human beingness. The way we perceive ourselves and others is based on stories we were told in childhood, on books we have read as pupils, on pictures of the happy life broadcasted by the media, on characters created by cinematography, and our imaginary projections. All of these made our consciousness biased and prejudiced. Everything that stands out from the conventional is exposed to stigmatization and censorship, in daily life it is simply buried in silence. 

An exhibition named “Silence” is an emotional statement made by Katerina Konyukhova when detachment it’s no longer an option. Each painting is devoted to the social issue which is more frequently silenced – codependent relationships, breaking personal boundaries, domestic violence, consumerism attitude towards beauty standards, restriction to freely dispose of one's body.

At the beginning of the XX century, the German art historian Wilhelm Worringer argued that a person feels fear when facing chaos of the external world, so he or she refuses to depict it, thus turning to abstraction. Even though most of Katerina Konyukhova's works include abstract painting and minimalism, in this project she violates its main principles and uses figurative outlines and biomorphic images to return the vividness and narrative function to painting. By doing that the artist invokes to put an end to escapism and start bringing all social issues to publicity, no matter how intimidating they can be. The point is that the existing symbolic order can only be challenged when the public’s old-fashioned stereotypes are opposed to one’s fresh and freeing voice, the voice that liberates its owner from the role of the silent and extraneous concepts medium. 

Curator: Katerina Konyukhova

Painting: Katerina Konyukhova

Ceramics: Anastasia Morozova / Kazan, Dina Terentyeva / Samara, Tatiana Silantieva / Moscow,

Alla Medovaya / Moscow

Texts: Alisa Markelova

Video: Askar Idrisov

Soundscape: Zakaria Tuktarov

Alia Markelova/art critic


Photographer: Gimadeeva Dilyusa