12th of December 2019 - 1st of February 2020

Kazan, Gallery of Modern Art of the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan


Every big city is filled with sounds and noises, it hums, twinkly and shimmers with lights, there is almost no silence in it, and life never stops. The voices of streets, houses, human flows come to life in the works of artists Alesha, Neji201, Midat Valiev, Liliya Dolbina, Katerina Konyukhova. They differ in emotions, temperament, color, themes, but they are full of energy and vitality of the urban community. The project participants are representatives of various areas of activity: design, architecture, teaching, student, media and street art. Therefore, they have a different approach to visuality – from strict architectonics or explosions of textures, colors and lines to almost marginal art that does not fit into generally accepted norms. This exhibition is not relaxation, there is not so much peace and balance in it. Some works look defiant for example ceramic objects by artists Salqin and Anastasia Morozova. They represent organic forms, they have the pain of nature, including human pain, which is difficult to live in the city, in society, when it is scary, painful, lonely and uncomfortable. Artists use different media. For example, the artist of the streets Alesha proposes his documentary mini-film Why am I doing this, which became the winner of the Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema. The exhibition opened on New Year's Eve.

20.20 - year, time, scale, calendar, timekeeping, what you can't explain in words can be represented as noise in units of measurement of the life of a big city. 

Akhmetova Dina /art critic

Artists: Katerina Konyukhova, Alesha, Neji201, Salqin, Midhat Valiyev, Lilia Dolbina, Anastasia Morozova 

Exhibition curator: Katerina Konyukhova

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