In this project I show the resemblance of the human genus to Paramecium. Paramecium is a genus of infusoria including several hundred species. The nature of their movements, mode of reproduction and defense are clearly subordinate and determined by their biological characteristics. If you study paramecia under a microscope, they look a lot like people in a metropolis: constantly moving, creating frantic motion, quickly and relentlessly colliding with each other. 

And I wonder: how much like them are we? To what extent does our life rhythm repeat theirs? Do we live consciously? Being in constant motion and climbing social ladders, are we aware of whose decision it is our own or society’s? How do we know whether we are making our own decisions or following public opinion? 
An emotional process called fear keeps us from being ourselves. It holds us back. We are afraid of being misunderstood or rejected, afraid of fending off the crowd and being judged by it. Fear can only be confronted by the individual, not by a creature formed by fashionable paradigms and the vector set by the state.

But how does one go beyond clearly delineated boundaries when they are covered so artfully that a sense of freedom is created? I am trying to find an answer to this question.




70*100 cm 2 parts

Oil, polish on canvas


Accepting the opinions of the majority will not create one*s
own opinion. A plurality of opinions creates constant  information noise that acts like entropy, enveloping the mind. But without filtering this noise through oneself and personal experience, it is impossible to build a personal position.

3_1_20px  на сайт.jpg



100*100 cm 3 parts

Oil, gold / bronze / silver leaf on canvas

One individual’s going beyond gives a chance for society to begin to think differently and to push the boundaries of its ideas about life.

Paramecium 1 (осветленный).jpg

Paramecium 1


80*120 cm 2 parts

Oil on canvas

Paramecium 2 (осветленный).jpg

Paramecium 2


left part 100*60 cm / right part 100*100 cm

Oil, acrylic, silver leaf on canvas

Paramecium_rhombus (осветленный).jpg

Paramecium Rhombus


100*100 cm

Oil, acrylic on canvas